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"We as community members and parents need to know how to activate our personal power to influence change at D209. Our students have the right to a safe and effective educational environment. it is the duty of the BOE to provide the resources and staff needed to make this a reality, not part of their empty rhetoric."
School Safety

School safety is more than just violence prevention.  It is about creating a secure and safe environment for all students and staff, that includes adequate resources such as mental health services, security, adequate staffing, food, and reliable transportation.  Policies and procedures must be clearly defined and implemented to create clear expectations for our students.  


Proviso 209 United believes transparency is ESSENTIAL in creating the positive change and reforms necessary for success.  In July 2020, the D209 School Board hired a new superintendent.  Under this new leadership, we have not seen the transparency we expect from our school district.  Transparency allows the community to see what decisions are being made for their children and allows the taxpayers and stakeholders to hold the board and administration accountable for their decisions.

Community Engagement 

We know that our Proviso communities care about our schools and our students.  We know that restoring our relationship with community members and groups will allow them to participate in the education of our youth. We must work together to put students first. 

Parent Engagement

Proviso 209 United sees parents as a key component in improving our schools.  We know that quality parent engagement includes education on the issues, quality and consistent communication, accessibility to the school, and an engaging and welcoming school environment.      

Fiscal Accountability

We believe that spending money on students makes all the difference between a high-performing school and a failing one.  Our district currently spends 23 percent less on instruction dollars than other districts.  Proviso 209 United is committed to making data driven, fiscally responsible spending decisions that put the students first.  


Proviso 209 United believes that we are stronger when working together for our district.  For the last two years, we have seen conflict and strife among our board members. We have also witnessed very divisive rhetoric from board members, attempting to divide the different communities within Proviso.  We believe that staying UNIFIED under the one goal of educating our youth.

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